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Snohomish Veterans Memorial
Honoring those who gave their lives for this country is so important. War is the failure of politicians. At this unveiling ceremony I was also thinking about the space left on the memorial for the fallen of future wars - I hope no names have to be added. Tuck Gionet was a civic teacher in Snohomish. For those who didn't know him, he taught democracy, he taught what those brave souls died for, and he taught what gives us the skills to prevent war. His passing a year ago struck me hard because I was in his class often talking the fundamentals of democracy. A really good man. He brought his students down once a year during session to participate in democracy. Everyone in Olympia knew to expect the Snohomish High School students. In over a decade of doing this, he only personally asked me for one thing: the money for this memorial. His name is not on the memorial, but his hand is upon it and his spirit is within it.

Monument unveiled at Snohomish Veterans Memorial Stadium