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October 2016

Everett Herald Endorsement
"Dunshee, while serving in the House earned his reputation as an effective and responsive lawmaker who worked for all of Snohomish County... We endorse his election to the County Council, so he can bring those same qualities to the residents of the 5th District and the rest of the county."

Everett Herald Endorsement

September 2016

Snohomish Veterans Memorial
Honoring those who gave their lives for this country is so important. War is the failure of politicians. At this unveiling ceremony I was also thinking about the space left on the memorial for the fallen of future wars - I hope no names have to be added. Tuck Gionet was a civic teacher in Snohomish. For those who didn't know him, he taught democracy, he taught what those brave souls died for, and he taught what gives us the skills to prevent war. His passing a year ago struck me hard because I was in his class often talking the fundamentals of democracy. A really good man. He brought his students down once a year during session to participate in democracy. Everyone in Olympia knew to expect the Snohomish High School students. In over a decade of doing this, he only personally asked me for one thing: the money for this memorial. His name is not on the memorial, but his hand is upon it and his spirit is within it.

Monument unveiled at Snohomish Veterans Memorial Stadium

Forum on Heroin and Opioid Crisis
Great turnout in the first of four heroin forums. I was honored to welcome everyone who came. The most powerful force against heroin and opioids is you. Get informed, talk to your family, talk to your neighbors. The county can create treatment beds, the health district can create a drug take-back program, but true prevention in your family, your neighborhood, your town starts with you. Please visit www.snohd.org/heroin for resources. You can make a difference for your family and your community.

Snohomish County begins forums on heroin and opioid crisis

Monroe Veterans Memorial
I had the great joy of picking this team for the 2016 Community Stewardship award. I had been to the ground breaking for the new veterans' memorial and saw how many different groups were involved in the project. This team was the perfect choice for the award: the community connections they forged will strengthen Monroe for years to come.

Monroe Veterans Memorial team receives honors

July 2016

Come to my Campaign Kickoff!
I'm officially kicking off my campaign for Snohomish County Council at AngelArmsWorks on Friday, July 15th at 6 p.m. Join me and meet my campaign team for food, drinks and live music!

AngelArmsWorks site

June 2016

Drug Take Back Program
I voted to implement a drug take back program in my role on the Snohomish Board of Health. Pharmaceutical companies will be required to provide safe collection options for the disposal of unused prescription drugs. The Partnership for a Drug Free America reported that 73 percent of teens said it was easy to get prescription drugs from a parent's medicine cabinet.

Board of Health Approves Pharmaceutical Stewardship Ordinance

I put forward legislation that would allow neighborhoods to vote on whether or not they would like to become a no-firework zone. Some have said they want a complete ban, but I also here from folks who like a lot of BOOM. This is an attempt to find a way for people to work with their neighbors to figure out and implement the will of the people.

Herald Editorial Board

CM Hans Dunshee attends heroin forum at Snohomish High School
Our community is facing an unprecedented heroin epidemic. We need to focus resources on alternative programs that hold offenders accountable while treating the underlying causes of drug addiction, mental health, and homelessness.


New location for Machias food trucks
“It's a great idea. It was a bad location,” Councilmember Hans Dunshee said Friday. “I think we can get this so that it's better for the vendors and customers. It'll be a great addition to our parks ... I think we've got a solution.”


October 2014

July 2014

State-of-the Art Skill Center focused on Science, Technology and Math now open.
A new Skill Center located in Moses Lake is helping to prepare students to succeed in today's high-tech job market. This new Center - one of just many I helped to build across the state - intensifies the connection between educational and career opportunities. The 44th Legislative District exists solely in Snohomish County, but we are all part of one state and one economy.

http:/ / washingtonskillscenters.org/ about/ programs/

"Backyard" Commercial
My new TV ad has hit the airwaves this week. Check it out below or on my home page.

http:/ / youtu.be/ ZIM4k4HxAG0

WSU-Everett Building Plans
The work I've put in to getting the WSU campus to Everett is coming to fruition. Soon enough locals will be able to attain four-year degrees locally.

http:/ / www.heraldnet.com/ article/ 20130826/ NEWS01/ 708269969

June 2014

WATR program provides education, jobs for locals
The Washington Aerospace Training & Research Center is a great local training program that gives the students the education to get good jobs, right here in our county. I helped fund the program and make sure they had the equipment they needed to expand in 2012. 1,300 people have gotten jobs because of their training there in four years. We need more.

https:/ / www.youtube.com/ watch?v=w0sMNHHsgRk& feature=share

May 2014

New State Patrol building proposal
Here is a design concept presentation for the new Washington State Patrol building that is the first example of the new performance oriented design process I am working on. It's the law I passed and now this is the first proposal on a building. The way to review it is to click on the green box labeled. 1063 Block Replacement Project. It's a Powerpoint. The cool numbers begin on page 46 and that is what drives the entire idea. No one cared, or even thought about, what the energy bill was 15 years ago. Now with this process it will be front and center in design. A better building for the taxpayers and people who work there. In the case of schools, it will be a better learning environment for the students also.

http:/ / www.theolympian.com/ 2014/ 05/ 21/ 3141108/ state-calls-public-meeting-on.html

"Portables aren't the best choice for our kids or our wallets"
I recently wrote an op-ed published in the Everett Herald regarding the need for more classrooms in the state.

http:/ / heraldnet.com/ article/ 20140525/ OPINION03/ 140529574/ Portables-arent-the-best-choice-for-our-kids-or-our-wallets-

November 2012

A thank you
I want to tell you, who supported and worked this campaign something.

To all of you.

To the man in Vancouver with the big working hands who handed me an envelope and said, “I got eight kids, I wish it was more but I want to help”. It was four dollars and I know it was large amount to him. To the CEO who has built a multi-million dollar successful construction and energy efficiency company and spoke eloquently of the common responsibility and individual opportunity. To the hundreds of working folks, recreational fishers, environmentalists, housing advocates, animal rights advocates and others who each gave something. To the over three hundred people who passed out the 26,000 piece of literature at doors across the district. I have great respect for you, I like you, and could easily take everyone of you on a kayak camping trip to the cold wet world of the Orcas someday because you would be good interesting company.

Not because you supported my campaign, thank you though, but because of things about you, all of you, that you have in common. You don’t know each other, but I have met most of you. You are alike. You would like each other.

You are optimistic about the future. You think that through individual action and action together we can make the world better. You look to the future for a better world, not backwards to some mythical better time. You think and see beyond your own self interest. You think you have a responsibility to do your part. You do your part. You are good people and you are the reason democracy works and that tomorrow we will make the world better and make the future better. I like you. You bring light to this world.

Thank you.

October 2012

Big Good Dunshee Ad
Check out our newest commercial!

September 2012

Thank you to the Everett Herald's Editorial Board Endorsement.
Re-elect Dunshee, Hope

Politics is more than bombast, finger pointing, and I-love-me-and-you-should-too mailers. It's the art of the possible. The means to the possible usually revolve around a measure of humility (read: crossing the political aisle), a willingness to throw elbows, and a sober appreciation of human nature. The mission, often obscured by a fog of recrimination and applause lines, is still to serve the best, long-term interests of a diverse, often polarized citizenry.

The 44th legislative district, a puzzle piece of Snohomish, Lake Stevens, Mill Creek, and points in between, is superbly represented by Reps. Hans Dunshee, a Democrat, and Mike Hope, a Republican. The Herald Editorial Board recommends that voters re-elect both candidates for another term.

Dunshee, who has served in the state house for nearly two decades, is sui generis, a lawmaker with the legislative finesse to match his formidable presence. (Imagine a kinder, bearish Lyndon Johnson.) His service as chair of the Capital Budget Committee continues to benefit the people of the 44th district and Snohomish County more broadly. The salient example of this greater-good, non-parochial mindset is Dunshee's emphasis on bolstering higher education and working to build a WSU/Everett -- a vital campus that falls outside the lines of his district.

Dunshee is an unabashed Keynesian who clear-headedly talks about the need for new revenue to fulfill the state's obligation to K-12 and higher education. For hidebound voters, Dunshee's we-gotta-pay message is as refreshing as it is repellent. Political skeptics demand -- and receive in return -- a workhorse legislator who listens, who is grounded in the minutia of government, and who has the smarts to make deals and squeeze blood from the budget rock.

Dunshee's opponent, Mark Harmsworth*, is a compromise-oriented conservative and civically active member of the Mill Creek city council. The Editorial Board hopes that, if unsuccessful, Harmsworth continues his work in public service.

Mike Hope has distinguished himself as a get-it-done legislator who is willing to nudge and break with a sometimes-recalcitrant Republican caucus. A Seattle police officer and former small business owner, Hope is growing in the Legislature, embracing that art-of-the-possible MO. This includes teaming with Dunshee and others to make whole Everett/WSU (although Hope ultimately opposed the operating budget.) Hope's signature achievement, the Lakewood Police Memorial Act, was a profile in bipartisan leadership.

Hope has a comprehensive knowledge of the district's infrastructure needs, a grounding that will inform a transportation package already in the works. Hope also opposes I-1185, Tim Eyman's latest effort to ensure a two-thirds' rule for new revenue.

Hope's opponent, Mary McNaughton, is a thoughtful community leader and nurse, who emphasizes a pro-education, health care, and small-business agenda. This is her first run for public office, and the Editorial Board encourages McNaughton to remain actively involved in the community.

The Everett Herald Editorial Board, September 21, 2012
© 2012 The Daily Herald Co., Everett, WA

Nice article on Skills Centers from "Daily Journal of Commerce"
Skills centers making inroads in Washington
• Four have been built in the past decade. They train students to perform jobs that are in demand.

Architects West

A recent educational trend in Washington is the rapid expansion of skills centers.
Long thought of as secondary options for high school students struggling in the classroom, these centers have dispelled such misconceptions by providing educational and economic impacts in our region.
The first skills center opened in Washington in 1966. It was the sole skills center for a decade, then seven skills centers opened across the state between 1975 and 1985.
In the last 10 years, four new skills centers have been added, serving 39 school districts. Currently, there are a total of 13 skills centers in Washington serving 120 school districts.
A growing role
The evolution of skills centers has been remarkable. The education system in recent years has experienced a paradigm shift away from a mentality that all students should strive to complete a traditional higher-education degree in order to be successful.
As the education system begins to recognize the benefits that workforce training provides and the demand for these skills, the important role of skills centers has surfaced. Skills centers now provide the technical training necessary for all students to experience success and apply them as a first-choice track.
“Walk through the halls of a skills center and you will see all different students, from straight-A students traditionally targeted for a four-year university, to those who struggle in a traditional classroom,” said Gerry Ringwood, director of the Tri-Tech Skills Center in Kennewick.

The state Legislature has been a strong proponent of skills centers as economic and educational drivers. In the 2012 capital budget, over $56 million was appropriated to skills center construction. This money is being used to create new branch skills centers aimed at providing access to high-quality workforce training in areas currently not being served by other skills centers.
Job training
Growth has been exponential, with the Legislature enacting a jobs-stimulus bill this year that introduced what state Sen. Jim Kastama has called “smart-ready” projects: projects that lower construction unemployment and result in buildings that train future workers once they are complete. That’s in contrast to “shovel-ready” projects from the 2009 federal stimulus bill that briefly decreased construction unemployment but had no lasting employment impact after the projects were completed.
Skills centers and higher-education professional/technical centers have gained attention because they exist to train individuals in fields ranging from construction and manufacturing to nursing and veterinary medicine.
The key educational difference skills centers provide is versatility. Every skills center is different, with programs focused on the needs of the region they serve and the state as a whole.
“The ability to provide access to high-quality training that leads to immediate employment opportunities or advanced training is the fundamental mission of skills centers,” Ringwood said.
In-demand programs
With the goal of training students to be capable of entering the workforce immediately, it is important to offer programs in demand for the communities served.
One example of this demand-focused curriculum is the aerospace industry. Currently, there are 650 companies in Washington associated with the aerospace industry. This high-demand market is also lacking in qualified skilled laborers in fields such as aerospace manufacturing.
This need has been recognized in Spokane Valley, where design work is under way on a building that will house programs for aerospace manufacturing and other job fields. It will serve as a branch campus for the Newtech Skills Center. The branch campus is a cooperative effort of four Spokane Valley-area school districts, led by the Central Valley School District.
“It appears aerospace jobs will continue to grow statewide for the next five to 10 years,” said Ben Small, superintendent at the Central Valley School District.
“Spokane in particular is doing a lot to draw more aerospace jobs in the region that will supply living-wage jobs and allow our students to stay in the area and be successful.”
As trends continue and new employment opportunities rise to the surface and others fade in demand, skills centers evolve as well by offering new programs to meet the needs of employers. This presents a unique challenge in the design and construction of such facilities.
“You’re not just designing to meet the needs of the client today, but instead developing a building that is capable of serving needs well into the future that we can only speculate what those needs might be,” said Kevin Cole, project architect with Architects West.
Cole is the lead designer of the 36,000-square-foot Southeast Area Washington Technical Skills Center in Walla Walla. The branch skills center recently received funding for construction, and contract bidding will begin in September.
Flexible space
The key design components for these facilities include abundant infrastructure, sound control and flexible space configurations. Maximum flexibility allows programs to adapt quickly and remain on the leading edge of workforce training. In order to provide that flexibility, spaces must have infrastructure located throughout to meet the potential future need.
Sound protection between spaces is important as well. Some programs use noisy equipment, and that noise needs to be contained in the space it serves in order to keep from disrupting other programs.
While the state Legislature and education system have begun to acknowledge the value of skills centers, the general public has been slower to understand the high level of training provided, due mostly to a lack of understanding of how skills centers have evolved over the last 50 years.
“I implore everyone to go visit your local skills center, and do it when students are there,” said Ringwood of the Tri-Tech Skills Center in Kennewick.
“The most common response I hear from people is the surprise that high school students have access to this high level of equipment and training from such qualified instructors with workforce experience.”
As long as skills centers retain their ability to read and react to the needs of the state and local communities, they will continue to be enormously positive contributors to the educational and economic success of Washington.
Matt Knoll is the client development director for Architects West. He has nine years of experience in both the construction and architecture industries.

August 23, 2012 http://www.djc.com/news/co/12044220.html

Thank you again to the Coastal Conservation Association for the 2012 Legislator of the Year Award. I will continue to improve production at our local fish hatcheries.

August 2012

More good news from the 2012 Jobs NOW package.
Grant to fund energy upgrades at four Sound Transit stations
The Sound Transit stations in Federal Way, Auburn and Kent will soon shine a little brighter, thanks to a $400,000 energy efficiency grant that will go toward upgrading lighting at the centers.

The Washington State Department of Commerce has awarded Sound Transit $400,000 for improvements. The upgrades are estimated to save $80,000 a year in utility and operations costs, and allow the agency to leverage an additional $175,000 in utility rebates.

“Sound Transit would like to thank the State Department of Commerce for supporting our commitment to conserve natural resources by saving energy – a key target in our sustainability program,” says Sound Transit CEO Joni Earl. “This Energy Efficiency grant will enable the agency to maximize available tax revenues by making needed improvements that will help realize energy and operational cost savings.”

With the funds, Sound Transit plans to replace incandescent, fluorescent and high-intensity-discharge lighting fixtures with energy-efficient light-emitting-diode fixtures. Heating, cooling and plumbing systems at Union Station in downtown Seattle will also be upgraded.

Sound Transit is one of twenty agencies in Washington State to receive the first round of 2012 state Energy Efficiency grants. Projects were selected from 36 grant applications requesting a total of more than $14 million, according to Sound Transit.

Submitted by Jill Blocker, KOMO Communities Reporter
Tuesday, August 14th, 2012, 10:28am

Snohomish County Receives Jobs Now Grants
August 9, 2012

State Grants Will Bring Jobs and Investment to Snohomish County

Three Snohomish County projects were awarded Washington State Department of Commerce “Jobs Now” grants yesterday to help fund critical repairs and energy-efficiency upgrades in public buildings across the county. The projects will create jobs for local workers while also producing substantial cost savings for the county.

“The projects funded by the Jobs Now package will put people back to work while making our public buildings safer and healthier for people to work and for kids to learn,” said Rep. Hans Dunshee, a champion of the program.

Snohomish County will receive $460,000 in grant funds to replace boilers and chillers at Snohomish County jails and to install new plumbing controls. The project is expected to save the county more than $90,000 per year while creating 27 new jobs for local workers.

Mountlake Terrace will receive $79,500 to upgrade 248 city-owned streetlights to more effective and efficient lighting, saving over $16,000 per year in electricity costs.

The city of Everett will receive $260,000 to update aging mechanical systems at a number of municipal buildings, as well as make critical roof repairs at the Culmback Building, fixing leaks and removing asbestos. The project is expected to save the city almost $30,000 per year and create 15 jobs.

McKinstry, a local energy-efficiency company that employs 1,019 FTE Washingtonians, is the local contractor that was selected for the Snohomish County and Everett projects. “McKinstry is proud to be a part of this program that helps to create jobs, improves the experience of the people who use these buildings and protects our environment,” said Dean Allen, McKinstry’s chief executive officer.

Cascade Power Group will conduct the Mountlake Terrace project. "This grant helps to reduce the project costs for the City of Mountlake Terrace and helps them to lower their operating costs by using new LED streetlights," said Chuck Collins, the company’s chief executive officer.

These projects are being lauded for the many benefits they bring the community.

“Not only will they create much-needed jobs while accomplishing critical work upgrading our public buildings, but they will substantially reduce pollution by making the buildings more energy-efficient,” said Jessica Finn Coven, Washington Director of Climate Solutions. “These projects will reduce as much global-warming pollution as would be achieved by permanently removing 77 vehicles from the road, and they will do it while saving local governments money. That’s what I call a win-win for our economy and our environment.”

Approved by the Washington State Legislature in April, the 2012 Jobs Now Act allocates $78 million to competitive grant programs that fund energy and operational cost-saving improvements in public buildings across the state, in addition to other infrastructure projects. A wide range of energy- and water-efficiency projects are funded by Jobs Now Act grant funds, including lighting upgrades, updating building controls systems, new HVAC systems, boiler replacement, building envelope upgrades, and water-efficiency measures.

“The Jobs Now funding couldn’t have come at a better time,” said Stan Price, Executive Director of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council. “Not only does it provide for long-delayed improvements in public building infrastructure, it will improve those building’s energy performance and lower long term operating costs. Energy efficiency projects like these are in essence construction projects. The work from Jobs Now projects will put construction workers back on the job site.”

Dunshee was the mastermind of the Jobs Now program, working with both Republican and Democratic leaders to pass the bill that created it. He believes the energy-efficiency grant programs, in particular, are a wise investment of the state’s capital dollars.

“These projects save cities, counties, and schools money on utility bills in their buildings, which frees up that money for spending on core programs in the long run,” Dunshee said. “The grants also encourage at least 75 percent of the project costs to come from local funding sources, leveraging the state’s investment into even more spending on construction projects.”

Jessica Finn Coven, Climate Solutions, 206-443-9570 x20
Stan Price, Northwest Energy Efficiency Council, 206-292-5592

Climate Solutions is a Northwest-based clean energy economy nonprofit that works to accelerate practical and profitable solutions to global warming by galvanizing leadership, growing investment, and bridging divides. Since 1998, Climate Solutions has pioneered the vision and cultivated political leadership in the Northwest for the proposition that clean energy and broadly-shared economic prosperity can go hand-in-hand.

Northwest Energy Efficiency Council
(NEEC) is a business association of the energy efficiency industry. NEEC’s mission is to promote policies and programs that enhance market opportunities for energy efficiency.

Thank you for your support in the Primary
We had a great showing in the Primary. Thank you to all the volunteers and supports that helped us get where we are! On to the general!

Teamsters Action Truck Phone Bank

Thank you to all the volunteers that came out and made calls on Hans Dunshee and Mary McNaughton's behalf! A special THANK YOU to the Teamsters for bringing out the truck!

July 2012

Another great march!

Thank you to all the volunteers that came out for the Aqua Fest Parade in Lake Stevens! We had a great time!

Thank you Dunshee Drill Team!
Had a great time at the Kla Ha Ya Days Parade in Snohomish! Looking forward to AquaFest in Lake Stevens this upcoming weekend.

Cascade Bicycle Club 2012 Legislative Scorecard
Hans Dunshee (44th – Lake Stevens, Mill Creek, Snohomish)
Score 100%
Rep. Dunshee is a passionate and powerful advocate for creating jobs by funding safe and convenient bicycle infrastructure. As chair of the Capital Budget committee, Rep. Dunshee included funding for a new grant program in the capital budget which will help cities and towns across Washington fund bicycle and pedestrian projects to help revitalize their downtown business districts. In addition, Rep. Dunshee made a floor speech in support of HB 2370, including health in the state transportation system policy goals, mentioning how bicycling has been an important part of his recovery from back surgery.

WCV House Environmental Champion
Rep. Hans Dunshee (D-44)

This former Legislator of the Year has used his Chairmanship of the powerful Capital Budget Committee to fund environmental programs at record amounts, even during the worst economy in a generation. The Capital Budget continues to grow its expenditures for stormwater and Puget Sound cleanup; preserving habitat and green spaces; and protecting toxic cleanup dollars from traditional raids for the General Fund for purposes other than its original intent. All of those programs both create jobs and protect the environment. He personifies the “Blue-Green” movement, is a brilliant legislative tactician who has made Job creation the cornerstone of his career; and for Rep. Hans Dunshee, job creation means building the green economy.
-Washington Conservation Voters Legislative Score Card 2011-2012

June 2012

More Endorsements...

Thank you Everett Firefighters IAFF Local 46 for your endorsement and kind words:

"Your consistent history of understanding of the needs of the citizens of Snohomish County and the labor groups that put their lives on the line every day were significant factors in our unanimous vote to endorse you. It is distinct honor to support you in your re-election effort." Paul Gagnon, President Everett Firefighters Union

Legislator of the Year Award

Thank you to the Coastal Conservation Association for the 2012 Legislator of the Year Award. I am honored by the recognition.

Hans in the news...
Cedar Grove study would use sophisticated odor sensors
By Bill Sheets, Herald Writer, Published: Monday, June 25, 2012

State parks aren’t seeing volunteers they once did
Volunteers, needed more than ever because of budget cuts, are putting in the lowest level of hours since 2005.

-By Jerry Cornfield, Herald Writer, Published: Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thank you!
Thank you to everyone that came to the Kick-Off! It was a great success!! We raised over $7,000 beacuse of you and your support for Hans!! Together, we can build a better Washington and WE are. Thank you!


EVERETT, WA, JUNE 8, 2012: The Housing Consortium of Everett and Snohomish County is pleased to announce Senator Steve Hobbs and Representative Hans Dunshee as the recipients of its 2012 Housing Hero Awards. Honored at the Consortium’s June 1st Affordable Housing Breakfast, both legislators were recognized for their tireless advocacy on behalf of affordable housing in Snohomish County.

“With so many people still facing foreclosure and out of work, affordable housing is a critical issue in Snohomish County and across the State,” says Mark Smith, Executive Director of the Consortium. “Sen. Hobbs and Rep. Dunshee get this and also understand that putting money into local communities through investments in affordable housing is an economic driver and job creator.”

Senator Hobbs work on HB 2048 and the Fair Tenant Screening Act was highlighted during the award presentation as being of particular note. It is estimated that the passage of 2048 will prevent over 25,000 cases of homelessness during the life of the bill.

Representative Dunshee was singled out for his crucial advocacy on the Housing Trust Fund and his long-time support of the issues that are important to the Consortium’s membership. The Housing Trust Fund provides funding that supports local non-profit affordable housing providers in Snohomish County and around the state to build low income and affordable workforce housing.

Contact: Mark Smith
Email: housingsnohomish@gmail.com

The Kick-Off is around the corner!
Hans wants YOU to come! Check out his video invite!

May 2012

Hans at the WWRC Breakfast 2011
Check out this video of Hans receiving the Legacy Award at the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition Breakfast last year.

Washington Low Income Housing Alliance Legislator of the Year
Legislator of the Year - Hans Dunshee, 44th district
"The legislative session started with a tiny Capital Budget that did not include an allocation for the Housing Trust Fund, but because of the skillful and determined work of Representative Hans Dunshee, the session ended with more than $67 million to create or preserve more than 1,800 homes for low-income households. This brings the two year budget total to an incredible $118.9 million! Because of Rep. Dunshee's work, the final budget also included an additional $25 million for weatherizing and energy efficiency, to make home costs more affordable for low-income households."
-Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

Washington State Patrol Troopers Association Endorsement
I am honored to receive the endorsement of the men and women of the Washington State Patrol Troopers Association.

“Your commitment to service the state of Washington with honor and integrity are principles that our members demand. Your understanding of public safety matters and your position on issues critical to every Trooper’s professional and personal life make you the clear choice.
The citizens of our state will be fortunate to have an individual of your caliber in such an important position. Be assured that our members stand solidly in support of your re-election campaign.”
–Tom M. Pillow, President Washington State Patrol Troopers Association.

I am humbled by your words. Thank you.

Cascade Bicycle Club Announces 2012 Early Endorsements
"Hans Dunshee (44th – Lake Stevens, Mill Creek, Snohomish). Rep. Dunshee is a passionate and powerful advocate for creating jobs by funding safe and convenient bicycle infrastructure. As chair of the Capital Budget committee, Rep. Dunshee included funding for a new grant program in the capital budget that will help cities and towns across Washington fund bicycle and pedestrian projects to help revitalize their downtown business districts." -Cascade Bicycle Club

http:/ / blog.cascade.org/ 2012/ 05/ early-endorsements-fall-2012/

Save the date for my campaign Kick-Off!
When: June 20th, 5:30pm
Where: AngelArmsWorks: 230 Avenue B Snohomish, WA 98290

Can’t make it but want to get involved? Contribute or sign-up to volunteer!

SEIU Local 925 Endorsement
Thank you to the over 22, 000 public service workers including family childcare providers, workers at the University of Washington, K-12 classified workers in 25 school districts, and workers in local government, and non-profit organizations of SEIU Local 925 for your endorsement!

Children's Campaign Fund Champion for Children
I am honored to receive the early endorsement and be considered part of the Children's Campaign Fund Champion for Children.

"Many thanks for all you do on behalf of children and families in Washington State." -Joe Cunningham, Chair of the Children's Campaign Fund

Washington Conservation Voters Endorsement
I am proud to be considered part of the Green Top 15.

"These 15 candidates are some of the most committed and effective environmental leaders in Olympia." -Washington Conservation Voters

Thank you Washington Conservation Voters for your endorsement!

http:/ / wcvoters.org/

Snohomish County Democrats Endorsement

Thank you to the 44th LD Democrats and the Snohomish County Democrats for their endorsements! I am proud to be the Democratic Candidate.

Sheet Metal Workers Local 66 Endorsement
We are hitting the ground running. I am honored today to receive the endorsement of Sheet Metal Workers Local 66. Over 3,500 workers are standing with me to build a better Washington.

Hans Dunshee to Run for Re-election
SNOHOMISH – State Rep. Hans Dunshee (D-Snohomish), chair of the House Capital Budget Committee and the lead architect of the 2012 Jobs Now package, announced today that he will run for re-election.

“I’m running for re-election because I believe in the greatness of Washington State,” said Hans. “The last few years have been tough on everybody, but cliché as it may be I have tremendous hope for tomorrow. I am determined to help build a better Washington through job creation and increased educational and vocational opportunities for students of every age; and to continue efforts to ensure access to affordable, quality health care and a healthy environment. I have more work to do.”

Rep. Dunshee points to the bi-partisan passage of the Jobs Now package which will create almost 20,000 construction-related jobs and 9,000 long term jobs throughout the state, as a primary reason for his optimism:

“There were many times when the Jobs Now bill stalled. It would have been easy to get discouraged or shrug it off and say it couldn’t be done; that is was too hard or that government has no business investing in job creation. That’s not how I’m wired. I dig in, I reach out to my colleagues across the region and across the aisle and I get it done. ”

Hans has lived and worked in Snohomish County for over 30 years. He has owned, operated and managed two successful businesses, volunteered as a firefighter and served on many community boards. He has earned the respect and support from local law enforcement, working men and women, seniors and small-business owners year after year.

Register on this site to participate in the campaign and to offer your ideas and suggestions.

Press: Download press release

April 2012

Campaign 2012 is under way!
We're up and running for 2012. As with the rest of the US, this year's election will be more crucial than most. Visit us for campaign updates and Hans' take on current issues.

August 2010

Primary won, on to the General Election
Most of the ballots have been tallied and we are very happy with the results, as Hans came in first place. We also found out who we will be facing, as the field narrowed to two candidates for the general election.

Our strong showing was the result of a lot of hard work and support. We would like to thank everyone who has come out and doorbelled, made phone calls, donated money, or helped out in any other way.

But the job isn't completed. In order to succeed this November it is crucial that we work even harder. Please contact Matt at mattojala@gmail.com or 425-760-3795 if you are interested in volunteering.

Video: Featured on Up Front with Robert Mak
Hans recently discussed R-52 on Up Front with Robert Mak. If you missed it live you can catch the whole episode at the link below (the feature on R-52 starts almost half way into the video).

Up Front with Robert Mak

July 2010

Hans: the Jolly Green Jobs Giant
Yes he is. Hans was the recent recipient of this Fuse Sizzle Award for "almost single-handedly moving the “Healthy Schools Act” through the legislative process. His referendum to voters funds construction and repair projects that increase energy efficiency in schools, create 38,000 jobs, and save districts money on energy bills. You won’t find a legislator who is bigger or jollier and no one has done more to create green jobs in this state."

Click the following link to see the rest of the awards, as well as a pretty cool drawing of Hans.

Fuse Sizzle Awards 2010

May 2010

Referendum 52: Healthy Schools for Washington
Check out this great writeup from the Sightline Institute about Referendum 52. Referendum 52, which was authored by Hans , will help create jobs, a healthy learning environment for students, and millions in dollars in energy savings.

Referendum 52: Healthy Schools for Washington

Recent endorsements
We are excited to announce that Hans recently earned endorsements from the Washington State Labor Council and Teamsters No. 28. Check out the current list of endorsements by clicking the endorsements tab on the left.

In other news, the campaign is kicking into gear, so if you live in the 44th, be sure to look out for Hans riding his bike and knocking doors!

Hans recognized as legislative champion for the environment
Hans was recently recognized as 1 of 10 legislative champions by Washington Conservation Voters and received their early endorsement for the 2010 election.

They had this to say about Hans' record on the environment:

"Hans Dunshee has consistently proven himself one of the fiercest environmental advocates in the Legislature. In 2010, his leadership kept the Clean Water Act of 2010 alive throughout session and to the end of the special session. He also created, sponsored, and passed the JOBS bill, an energy efficiency bond measure for schools which will be on November ballots."

Read the story by clicking on the link below.

Washington Conservation Voters announces endorsement of legislative champions

January 2010

Bill would promote construction jobs in state
OLYMPIA, January 20, 2010 -- The first bill to pass the House of Representatives will create 38,000 construction jobs in every corner of Washington state, says the bill's author, Rep. Hans Dunshee (D-Snohomish).

"There are 40,000 construction workers standing in the unemployment line in Washington state," Dunshee said after the House voted 57-41 to pass the Jobs Act of 2010. "This bill is about putting those good people back to work. It's about opportunity, hope and innovation, and the jobs we'll create will make our public schools safer, more energy efficient and healthier for our kids."

Dunshee said he studied what President Franklin D. Roosevelt did to lift America out of the Great Depression and what Republican Gov. Dan Evans did during the tough recession in the early 1970s.

"FDR and Dan Evans chose hope and courage over fear and despair," Dunshee said. "Evans knew that the polls were bad for the jobs package he sent to the voters. But he wasn't afraid, and voters approved five of the six measures Evans put on the ballot. FDR put America back to work. Evans put Washington state back to work -- and that's what this bill is about."

Former secretary of state Ralph Munro, a Republican who worked for Gov. Evans during the 1970s, testified in front of the Capital Budget Committee in support of the idea. Munro said that before the hearing, he went to the state archives and re-read letter after letter that citizens wrote the governor, thanking him for putting them back to work.

"Washington state is home to the best workers in the world," Dunshee said. "This bill will get people out of the unemployment line and let them put on their hard hats and pick up their hammers, to do what they are meant to do, what they love to do, and they'll build a better Washington for us. Taxpayers will save $190 million a year in lower energy costs and they'll build us a better Washington, with safer, healthier schools and universities."

The bill now goes to the Senate, and Dunshee said that a short session means citizens who support the Jobs Act need to contact their senators right away.

"We're only here for 60 days this year, and it's easy to kill a bill," Dunshee said. "If you care about this issue and want to create these 38,000 jobs to fix our public schools, talk to your lawmakers. Send them an e-mail or call the toll-free hotline at 800-562-6000."

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