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Hans' News Updates
Everett Herald Endorsement
"Dunshee, while serving in the House earned his reputation as an effective and responsive lawmaker who worked for all of Snohomish County... We endorse his election to the County Council, so he can bring those same qualities to the residents of the 5th District and the rest of the county."

Everett Herald Endorsement

Snohomish Veterans Memorial
Honoring those who gave their lives for this country is so important. War is the failure of politicians. At this unveiling ceremony I was also thinking about the space left on the memorial for the fallen of future wars - I hope no names have to be added. Tuck Gionet was a civic teacher in Snohomish. For those who didn't know him, he taught democracy, he taught what those brave souls died for, and he taught what gives us the skills to prevent war. His passing a year ago struck me hard because I was in his class often talking the fundamentals of democracy. A really good man. He brought his students down once a year during session to participate in democracy. Everyone in Olympia knew to expect the Snohomish High School students. In over a decade of doing this, he only personally asked me for one thing: the money for this memorial. His name is not on the memorial, but his hand is upon it and his spirit is within it.

Monument unveiled at Snohomish Veterans Memorial Stadium

Forum on Heroin and Opioid Crisis
Great turnout in the first of four heroin forums. I was honored to welcome everyone who came. The most powerful force against heroin and opioids is you. Get informed, talk to your family, talk to your neighbors. The county can create treatment beds, the health district can create a drug take-back program, but true prevention in your family, your neighborhood, your town starts with you. Please visit www.snohd.org/heroin for resources. You can make a difference for your family and your community.

Snohomish County begins forums on heroin and opioid crisis

Monroe Veterans Memorial
I had the great joy of picking this team for the 2016 Community Stewardship award. I had been to the ground breaking for the new veterans' memorial and saw how many different groups were involved in the project. This team was the perfect choice for the award: the community connections they forged will strengthen Monroe for years to come.

Monroe Veterans Memorial team receives honors

Come to my Campaign Kickoff!
I'm officially kicking off my campaign for Snohomish County Council at AngelArmsWorks on Friday, July 15th at 6 p.m. Join me and meet my campaign team for food, drinks and live music!

AngelArmsWorks site

Drug Take Back Program
I voted to implement a drug take back program in my role on the Snohomish Board of Health. Pharmaceutical companies will be required to provide safe collection options for the disposal of unused prescription drugs. The Partnership for a Drug Free America reported that 73 percent of teens said it was easy to get prescription drugs from a parent's medicine cabinet.

Board of Health Approves Pharmaceutical Stewardship Ordinance

I put forward legislation that would allow neighborhoods to vote on whether or not they would like to become a no-firework zone. Some have said they want a complete ban, but I also here from folks who like a lot of BOOM. This is an attempt to find a way for people to work with their neighbors to figure out and implement the will of the people.

Herald Editorial Board

CM Hans Dunshee attends heroin forum at Snohomish High School
Our community is facing an unprecedented heroin epidemic. We need to focus resources on alternative programs that hold offenders accountable while treating the underlying causes of drug addiction, mental health, and homelessness.


New location for Machias food trucks
“It's a great idea. It was a bad location,” Councilmember Hans Dunshee said Friday. “I think we can get this so that it's better for the vendors and customers. It'll be a great addition to our parks ... I think we've got a solution.”


State-of-the Art Skill Center focused on Science, Technology and Math now open.
A new Skill Center located in Moses Lake is helping to prepare students to succeed in today's high-tech job market. This new Center - one of just many I helped to build across the state - intensifies the connection between educational and career opportunities. The 44th Legislative District exists solely in Snohomish County, but we are all part of one state and one economy.

http:/ / washingtonskillscenters.org/ about/ programs/

"Backyard" Commercial
My new TV ad has hit the airwaves this week. Check it out below or on my home page.

http:/ / youtu.be/ ZIM4k4HxAG0

WSU-Everett Building Plans
The work I've put in to getting the WSU campus to Everett is coming to fruition. Soon enough locals will be able to attain four-year degrees locally.

http:/ / www.heraldnet.com/ article/ 20130826/ NEWS01/ 708269969

WATR program provides education, jobs for locals
The Washington Aerospace Training & Research Center is a great local training program that gives the students the education to get good jobs, right here in our county. I helped fund the program and make sure they had the equipment they needed to expand in 2012. 1,300 people have gotten jobs because of their training there in four years. We need more.

https:/ / www.youtube.com/ watch?v=w0sMNHHsgRk& feature=share

New State Patrol building proposal
Here is a design concept presentation for the new Washington State Patrol building that is the first example of the new performance oriented design process I am working on. It's the law I passed and now this is the first proposal on a building. The way to review it is to click on the green box labeled. 1063 Block Replacement Project. It's a Powerpoint. The cool numbers begin on page 46 and that is what drives the entire idea. No one cared, or even thought about, what the energy bill was 15 years ago. Now with this process it will be front and center in design. A better building for the taxpayers and people who work there. In the case of schools, it will be a better learning environment for the students also.

http:/ / www.theolympian.com/ 2014/ 05/ 21/ 3141108/ state-calls-public-meeting-on.html

"Portables aren't the best choice for our kids or our wallets"
I recently wrote an op-ed published in the Everett Herald regarding the need for more classrooms in the state.

http:/ / heraldnet.com/ article/ 20140525/ OPINION03/ 140529574/ Portables-arent-the-best-choice-for-our-kids-or-our-wallets-