Hans Dunshee
Snohomish County Council • Vote November 8!

Elect Hans Dunshee for Snohomish County Council!

color photograph of Hans Dunshee.
Hans Dunshee.
Hans Dunshee is different. In the state legislature, he worked with the public, elected officials at every level and all parties to find solutions. Today, as your Snohomish County Councilmember, he is doing the same.

Hans gets it. He gets small-business owners, because he was one. He gets that sitting in traffic is more than just a waste of time, it’s a money-loser.

He gets that safe parks, healthy rivers and streams, quality public schools and improved roads provide for strong communities. And he gets that strong communities attract and sustain jobs.

Hans gets results. He spearheaded the 2012 effort to revive employment and local economies that created 20,000 jobs statewide, including more than 1,700 here in Snohomish County.

He led the successful effort to establish Washington State University at Everett so that students, businesses and workers could access higher education opportunities in their own communities.

Hans gets a thumbs up. He’s supported by law enforcement, teachers, workers, business owners, fishermen, seniors, working families, firefighters and students.

Hans is local. Snohomish County is his home. He is a proud graduate from the University of Washington and Western Washington University. His passion and experience, as a small-business owner and state legislator, will serve Snohomish County well.